Personal: Foam Core Arcade

Year: 2017
This was just a personal project for fun, no clients involved. I always wanted a full size arcade cabinet (none of these half size replica things) but full size arcade cabinets are made of wood and thus expensive and very heavy. I wanted to see how well paper based foamcore and hot glue made for as low cost as possible would work. Conclusion, it worked VERY well.

During the build process everyone that saw it thought I was silly. Afterword’s no one would believe it was made of foamcore and hot glue. It was rock solid, but could be easily lifted by one person, no sweat. One of the major keys was I placed plexiglass wherever it was going to see a lot of physical contact. the screen and controls obviously, but also the kickplate. it’s now 4 years old and held up fine from years of use.