Game: Food Quest

Year: 2011
Client: The Food Security Knowledge Initiative / Public Health Agency of Canada
Project: Educational video game
Producer: Una Lee
Lead Designer: Benjamin Rivers
Programmer: Adam Brandejs
Sound & Music: Ivor Stines

Food Quest tackles the complicated issues of food security, poverty and chronic disease; in this Flash-based game, players choose from several characters representing different people’s realities throughout Canada, and make tough choices regarding healthy and unhealthy food as they guide their chosen character to their personal goals.

The game features a unique tile-based action-puzzle system, controllable via either a keyboard or mouse for ease of use. In each character’s unique level, players navigate a tricky landscape while balancing their energy needs and budgets. The game utilizes bright, bold visuals and a special narrative system, wherein characters both emote and teach players about the issues at hand, without being preachy.

The game is designed to be rolled out in facilitated environments, and supports players of all ages.